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This article contains spoilers about The Ranger's Apprentice Series.

The Kalkara are legendary beasts. They sided with Morgarath.

History Edit

There were only three known Kalkara. By Will's time, there were only two left, one had been killed by a knight. They are highly feared in Araluen. People believe they use sorcery. They are fascinated with silver, which Morgarath bribed them with.

Appearance Edit

They were four and a half meters tall. They had shaggy, matted hair, which was rather scale-like. They had long, clawed arms that reached beneath their knees. They had rather short legs. It's face was savage and ape-like, with yellow teeth and red, glowing eyes.

Powers Edit

The Kalkara's hair can repel most strikes. Their eyes have hypnotic affects on people, causing them to freeze up. They are valuable assassins, and will not rest until their targets were killed.

Weaknesses Edit

They are vulnerable to fire.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

When Will, Battlemaster Rodney, and Baron Arald reach the ruins, they see a wounded Kalkara, with Halt's arrows in it. The knights charge it with their lances, shoving it into the fire, killing it. The second Kalkara attacks, wounding Arald and hypnotizing Rodney. Will, in desperation, lights an arrow on fire and shoots the Kalkara, killing it.