Tug is Will's horse. He is a Ranger Horse. He is shaggy, stocky and barrel-chested, resembling a pony, like all ranger horses, which leads to him being teased by Horace at the Harvest Festival. His password (Which is needed to ride a Ranger Horse) is "Do you mind?". He is very loyal and intelligent.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

In the Ruins of Gorlan, Halt introduces Will to Tug. Will attempts to ride Tug without a password, and is bucked off. After Halt gives Will the password, he rides Tug. Tug and will begin to bond, and Tug saves Will from a Wild Boar. Tug accompanies Will throughout the rest of the book. During the Harvest Festival, Horace call's Tug a shaggy dog. He then attempted to ride Tug, and was bucked off.

The Burning Bridge Edit

Tug accompanies Will during his journey across Celtica. After Will and Evanlyn are kidnapped by Erak and his crew at the bridge, Horace brings him back to Halt.

The Icebound Land Edit

Halt and Horace bring along Tug when they search for Will.

The Battle of Skandia Edit

Tug is kept at Hallasholm.

The Sorcerer of the North Edit

Tug accompanies Will to Norgate Fief.

Appearances Edit

The Ruins of Gorlan

The Burning Bridge

The Icebound Land

The Battle for Skandia

The Sorcerer of the North