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This article contains spoilers about The Ranger's Apprentice Series.

Wargal sm

A Wargal

Wargals are a race of ancient bear-like creatures. They come from The Mountains of Rain and Night.

Strengths Edit

They are large and fierce, able to strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

Weaknesses Edit

Wargals fear only one thing - horses. The only other time Wargals have been afraid has been when the warrior Daniel confronted them to save Halt.

Morgarath Edit

Morgarath enslaved the Wargals, using his mind to controll them. Morgarath sent an army of them to battle, where they were decimated by Ranger-Led cavalry.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

Wargals only appear in the prologue, where they are drilling under the fort. Morgarath is troubled, which sends a message through their minds, confusing them.

The Burning Bridge Edit

In the Prologue, Will and Halt encounter a group of Wargals. Will is paralyzed with fear, and his shot goes wide. Luckily, Halt saves the day. Will, Evanlyn and Horace see a group of Wargals taking Celtic miners to the bridge. In the battle, many Wargals are killed by the Araluen cavalry. After Horace kills Morgarath in single combat, the Wargals are freed from his control.